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In case of emergency

The day and night emergency service functions in the city; it includes emergency call service, rescue service, fire-fighting service. If necessary you can dial: 01-with a fixed-line phone, 112 - with a mobile phone.


The most widespread language in the country is Russian. The alphabet is cyrillic. For translation purposes, the web-based translators and dictionaries can be used as well as the one on the right. To write cyrillic letters the transliteration rules can be used:

CyrillicLatin CyrillicLatin
а a р r
б b с s
в v / w т t / th
г g у u / oo
д d ф f
е ye / e х h / kh / ch
ё yo / io ц с / ts / z
ж zh / j ч ch
з z / s ш sh
и i / e / ea щ sch / shch
й y / i / j ъ -
к k / c ы y
л l ь -
м m э e / a
н n ю yu / iu / ju
о o я ya / ia / ja
п p - -

Taxi services

If you are in the need of quick transportation, we suggest you use a taxi. Usual cost for a ride within the city is about 6-7 Euro. A trip to the airport will be around 10 Euro.

[ ! ] As long as there are individual drivers and unofficial taxi service available on the streets of Astrakhan, we encourage you to use those who come on a phone call to avoid problems with travel costs.

Telephone numbers:

       (8512) 71-57-71;

       (8512) 39-53-30;

       (8512) 70-00-62;

       (8512) 74-21-56;

       (8512) 42-02-02;

       (8512) 24-24-24.

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