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There's been a lot said about possibilities to make the travel costs smaller for the teams coming to Eurobot Final in Astrakhan.

Please, mind that this information is still "work in progress". We wish to bring up-to-date information to you as soon as possible as we understand the time is going out quickly. Though the options here are solid there are still some nuances to work out.

We are expecting information update from SkyTeam on Friday (27.05.2011) with more precise information and will then post it here.

Charter option details also depend on the number of interested people.

We tried our best and here are 3 possibilities we offer for those who travel by plane from Europe to Astrakhan.

1. To buy tickets of the SkyTeam alliance.

  • the idea is to use SkyTeam Global Meetings program, which provides discounts for SkyTeam alliance's flights from 5% to 10%.
  • those teams who choose this variant will have to register in SkyTeam, enter the Event ID and book the flight.
  • the event ID won't be published on the web, it will be sent directly to those teams who choose this variant.
  • teams from Africa unfortunately are not covered with this program and we can not provide such an option for them.

Useful links:

2. Cheap charter flights Moscow-Astrakhan-Moscow.

  • seats are provided at uncomfortable time in case of severe need on preliminary registration basis.
  • seats will be provided with discount but the number is limited.

3. Independent ticket purchase with convenient timing.

  • if no options are suitable for you we leave this up to you.

27.05.2011 UPDATE: dear all, we know some of the teams if not most are interested in the Skyteam discount offer. The organizing team is working hard to achieve quick results on this. For now we are resolving technical questions on how the process of assigning the IDs needed for a discount will be organized with a Skyteam representative in Moscow.

We estimate that at latest this question will be solved on Monday (30.05.2011).

We kindly ask you to be patient as we can not make this process any quicker because it is outside of the organizer's structure.

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